Metal Cutting Process of a 4kW and 2kW Laser and Their Different Uses

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When it comes to fabrication services, especially those involving laser cutting, it’s critical that you choose a company that offers customized services. Otherwise, it might not have the qualifications required to meet your specifications and tight tolerances. As implied, a company that provides custom laser cutting services focuses on each customer’s unique needs. In other words, there are no cookie-cutter solutions.

The most respected companies utilize cutting-edge equipment depending on the specific material and project. Two of the most popular options include a 4kW and 2kW laser cutting machine. Companies that provide services for laser cutting in Mississauga typically use CO2 and true fiber machines.

While both of these produce outstanding levels of control, the difference is in the power generated. For instance, the larger 4kW laser cutting machine produces up to 4kW of power. In comparison, the small laser metal cutting machine, 2kW fiber laser cutting machine, produces 2kW power. Each of these has different uses, again with power ranging from 2kW to 4kW.

CO2 Laser

One of the key advantages of this small laser metal cutting machine is its speed on thicker materials. Especially when cutting in a straight line or piercing the material, the CO2 laser is faster than the true fiber laser machine. Another benefit is that this machine creates an incredibly smooth finish when cutting thicker materials. For that reason, as part of custom laser cutting services, a lot of fabrication companies use this for anything thicker than 5mm.

Something else to consider is the low operating cost. For companies working with a tight budget or those with restricted electrical supply, both the 2kW and 4kW CO2 options are ideal.

True Fiber Laser

The top companies also offer custom laser cutting services using the true fiber machine. In this case, a bank of diodes creates the laser light, which channels and amplifies through a fiber optic cable. As the light exits the cable, it straightens while the lens focuses on the workpiece material.

Compared to a CO2 laser, the creation of this light is 200 percent more efficient. Overall, that makes this fabrication method simpler and void of high-cost optical mirrors. The two main advantages of this machine are the lower operating costs and fewer maintenance requirements.

The Process

Whether a company that provides laser cutting in Mississauga uses the CO2 or true fiber machine, the process is relatively similar. In both instances, a powerful beam of light focuses on the metal. The heat cuts lines and shapes with absolutely precision. For that reason, this has become the preferred method for all types of products.

Product Examples

The list of products that a small laser metal cutting machine can produce is extensive. For instance, this machine makes metal tags so that manufacturers can differentiate between similar parts. It also produces engraved sheet metal. With this, manufacturers have the ability to make distinguishing marks. Cut-out parts are commonly made with this fabrication method as well. These become miniature fan blades, computer drive mounts, and other extremely small items.

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