August 2, 2016

Contract Manufacturing

Contract ManufacturingWeldflow Metal Products over the years has strengthened and improved its capabilities to provide outsource services in manufacturing of sheet metal components. There are many benefits of contract manufacturing and outsourcing of sheet metal components. Such contract manufacturing services provide tremendous benefit to our customers in the sense that we provide seamless extension of their in-house capabilities by contracting out their regular production requirements. In such instances of contract manufacturing, Weldflow Metal Products offers benefits of lowering the cost, improving the quality of products being manufactured, ROI of the product, business focus and speed advantages to name a few. Moreover, we have the flexibility to provide our customers not only with individual product development, but also support from a small production batch to large production runs. The production run can consist of weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually, depending upon individual business requirements. Additionally, Weldflow Metal Products provides facility of making changes to part design and have the flexibility to incorporate such changes in design of the product from one batch of production run to the next.

We maintain inventory of materials like cold rolled, hot rolled pickled and oil steels of various thicknesses. Other than this, we also maintain in house inventory of, galvanized steel, stainless steel, and aluminum with a variety of grades and thicknesses.

With the help of our design and engineering services system and ERP software dedicated to sheet metal processes we maintain customer’s latest drawings in our filing system and can be repeated as many times annually providing the ease of changes and revisions in various sheet metal parts. All the precision sheet metal work is consistent from one batch of production to the next with stringent quality control checks.

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