August 2, 2016

About Us

About Us

Established in 1975, as a precision sheet metal facility, we have become a trusted provider and world leader in the field of contract manufacturing. Our facility has been modernized and management expanded to accommodate the constant changes experienced within our industry.

Weldflow is led by a team of talented professionals, whose expertise and enthusiasm drive our company’s performance and growth. Company’s President, Dr. Sarmad Malik, PhD in Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering is moving the direction of the company towards being a modern facility equipped with latest technologies. He brings to the company, with over 30 years of world wide experience in areas of lean manufacturing and supply chain management, including the belief of continuous improvement.

Expertise of the company lies in its innovation in sheet metal industry by creating new ideas and design in various shapes and forms. Building prototypes doing product development for existing and potential new customers. This enables us to provide cost effective and efficient production capabilities for any volume or size of production runs. By the same token, we ensure delivery of customized product as per client specification. We have built a solid reputation with our clients over the years.

Weldflow team is strongly committed to their customers’ requirements and deep belief in providing value to them. At Weldflow, the environment is highly customer-centric and a feeling of being an extension of their customer’s team. At Weldflow, the way we do business is just as important to us as the business we are in. Our employees are committed professionals who combine innovation, technology, engineering expertise and a highly principled business approach to serve our customers and partners. Our shared values — integrity, customer-first, accountability, respect and excellence—unite us and guide us in business decisions. A truly empowered and competent team.

We aim to conduct our business in a way that is sustainable for our company and the planet.

Engineered Excellence in Fabrication

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