January 6, 2017

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Weldflow Metal Products proudly announces the adoption of the advanced CNC Turret Punch EMK3612M2, replacing their old CNC machine. Manufactured by industry leader Amada, this cutting-edge technology brings unparalleled performance, reliability, and cost-efficiency to Weldflow's metal fabrication process. The CNC Turret Punch EMK3612M2 features twin AC servo drives directly coupled to the drive shaft, ensuring exceptional precision and productivity. With its superior reliability, the machine minimizes downtime, while optimizing operations reduces costs. This upgrade showcases Weldflow's commitment to staying at the forefront of the metal fabrication industry.

For more information on their advanced CNC capabilities, contact Weldflow Metal Products at sales@weldflowmetal.com or call 1-866-848-3641.

CNC Machine


Weldflow Metal Products has recently upgraded its brake press forming department by swapping the existing press brake with a state-of-the-art machine, the Press Brake HG8025 M15. This advanced equipment, sourced from AMADA, is renowned for its superior accuracy and precision. With a super-accurate ram that achieves repeatability within tolerances of ± 0.00004", we ensure impeccable bends for your projects. The Press Brake HG8025 M15 is not only precise but also environmentally friendly, featuring an electric/hydraulic, down-acting system that reduces energy consumption and minimizes hydraulic fluid usage. Experience enhanced efficiency, productivity, and exceptional results by partnering with us and leveraging our advanced press brake technology.

Brake pressing forming machine


Weldflow Metal Products has elevated its metal cutting capabilities with the introduction of the cutting-edge Fiber Laser EN3015AJ-9KW. The new machine, sourced from renowned manufacturer AMADA, replaces their previous Fiber Laser technology.

The Fiber Laser EN3015AJ-9KW, part of the ENSIS Series, utilizes AMADA's proprietary fiber laser technology to process both thin and thick materials seamlessly. With high-speed cutting in thin materials and the ability to handle thick plates, this machine delivers unmatched versatility. Key features include ENSIS technology for continuous variable beam control, 1.4g acceleration, cutting speeds over 4,700 ipm, and automation readiness.

Weldflow Metal Products remains committed to providing exceptional metal cutting services. Contact sales@weldflowmetal.com or call 1-866-848-3641 for more information.

Fiber Laser Cutting


Weldflow being part of the community has developed clear partitions for the office environment. At certain workspaces if 6 feet distance at times is compromised then the minimum is to set the office space as far apart and add clear screens to avoid any cross contamination of individual workspace. In this regard, we can provide different sizes and heights depending on each individual requirement. There are two styles one is an overhang panels and the other one is resting onto the desk surface. For any interest please contact us via e-mail: sales@weldflowmetal.com or 1-866-848-3641.

Covid 19 plexiglass / ACRYLIC panels

We are the top 10 contract manufacturing service providers - 2019

Weldflow Metal Products: An Innovative Approach to Contract Manufacturing

Check out this recent interview with Dr. Sarmad Malik, President, Weldflow Metal Products speaks about An Innovative Approach to Contract Manufacturing Read More

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It is with great pleasure that we share our recent acquisition of a new Fiber Laser Cutting system - ENSIS 3015 AJ from AMADA, which will complement our existing capabilities and enable us to service our ever-growing sheet metal processing needs.


We are pleased to inform you that effective January 18, 2016 our company has relocated to a new, larger and improved facility to serve you better. Please, note phone and fax numbers have also been updated.

3425 Semenyk Ct,
Mississauga, ON L5C 4P9, Canada

Toll Free: 1-866-848-3641
Toll Free: 1-866-848-3641
Tel: 905-277-0006
Fax: 905-277-0008
e-mail: info@weldflowmetal.com

Weldflow Metal Products Ltd has been selected as a finalist in the Manufacturing category for the 2013 Brampton Outstanding Business Achievement Awards (BOBAA). In this regard news appeared in the Brampton Guardian.

We now have the off-line programming capabilities to form various parts and select appropriate tools. The Speed Bend Press Brake series is designed to enable speed and high quality production capability in order to allow higher productivity and efficient usage of set-up time for various complex forming parts. In order to increase the production flexibility the Speed –Bend machines are designed with big daylight openings and long strokes. It offers 2 times faster production capacity compared to other conventional CNC press brakes It has a beam opening(day light) to allow more flexibility for the users allowing deep bends with longer tools , parts can be easy taken out from front of the machine and long Z-type parts can be bent.

During the past year in the economically challenging and uncertain times Weldflow has maintained its commitment to its customers by ensuring consistency in delivering value added services. Weldflow team has improved its processes and streamlined their operations. Kudos to the Weldflow team for completing complex projects on time. Weldflow looks forward for 2012 with the same enthusiasm and optimism.

Material type can range from stainless steel, aluminum, cold rolled steel, galvanized. galvaneal / satin coat, and copper or brass. With fast cycle times and unsurpassed consistency, production is increased.This is another step taken by Weldflow to provide their customers in the HVAC, automotive, appliance furniture and general component contract manufacturing related to other industries with a cost effective, environmentally friendly solution and quick turnaround time.

Weldflow is actively pursuing in developing and enhancing its resources in engineering and manufacturing of panels and various product accessories related to solar panel racking and geothermal heating and cooling systems. Weldflow is eager to align with OEMs in Solar and geothermal industries by providing manufacturing resources pertaining to sheet metal requirement. In recent years photovoltaic (PV) technology has become a favoured form of renewable energy due to the ability of reduction in green house gas emissions (GHG). Solar electric modules (PV) can generate electricity for a range of applications. All sheet metal components required can be manufactured by Weldflow, for companies requiring installation support in this field. Our facility will be closed from December 24, 2010 to January 3, 2011 for annual maintenance and Christmas holiday.

We have added on additional fabrication flexibility by acquiring tube bending equipment of various profile. This will allow us to service our customers for their out sourcing requirements in industries ranging from furniture, end frames for light fixtures and any other general requirement.


In addition to our existing hardware insertion capabilities, we have added capacitor discharge stud welding equipment. This is an extremely efficient method of welding fasteners to a wide variety of metals like mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and copper. This process eliminates drilling, tapping, punching, and riveting and is especially beneficial when working with thin gauge materials due to the absence of reverse-side marring or discoloration. It is suitable for studs ranging in size from #4-40 (M3) thru 3/8-16 (M10).

We are in the process of implementing ERP software which will ensure better and efficient resource and schedule planning, improving the production cycle and turnaround time for our customers.

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