Sheet Metal Enclosures and Appliance Covers

You deserve the best craftsmanship of sheet metal enclosures available, which is exactly what we offer at Weldflow Metal Products. We take every request seriously, always striving to surpass the customer’s expectations for sheet metal enclosures. As a full-service fabrication company, we provide a host of solutions, all with precision quality and affordable pricing. Our Capabilities Included in our capabilities for sheet metal enclosures and appliance covers are:
  • Metal boxes
  • Electronic metal enclosures
  • Electrical panels
  • Prototype card cages
  • Wall mounts
Not only do we have a diverse range of sheet metal enclosures, but we also offer varying styles. Regardless of what you need, we can CNC punch press and press brake form all products within this category. Our sheet metal enclosures are also Tig, Mig, spot-welded , or clinched based on your specifications. The goal is to provide you with a product that’s complete in all functionality. This obviously includes attaching a variety of fasteners. No matter the type or style of sheet metal enclosures ordered, they pass through extensive internal QC checks to verify they meet the specified criteria. Our number one goal is to achieve 100 percent customer satisfaction. We accomplish that by providing top-quality sheet metal enclosures, appliance covers, and fasteners according to tolerance specifications. As a leader in the fabrication industry with 40 plus years of experience, you can always count on us at Weldflow Metal Products .
  • Sheet Metal Enclosures
  • electronic enclosures
  • Electrical Panels and Appliance Covers
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