How to Select the Right Metal for Custom Enclosures

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Multiple industries use enclosures for a host of applications. Regardless, it’s important to have one made by a company with experience. Also, you want to choose the appropriate metal. The great thing about working with a reputable company that manufactures sheet metal enclosures is that its experts will guide you along the way.

Factors to Consider for Custom Sheet Metal Enclosures

Remember, not all sheet metal enclosure manufacturers are equal. They might all promise the same things, but it’s up to you to differentiate the good from the not-so-good. That entails looking at several key factors to ensure you end up with a superior enclosure made of the right metal.


For the most part, enclosures cost about the same. However, the price you pay depends on the type of metal selected. So, you need to consider your budget as part of the decision-making process. The top choice for sheet metal enclosures is stainless steel, but it’s also the priciest. If you need a more affordable solution, the manufacturer can make suggestions.

The Environment

Another thing to factor has to do with the environment in which the enclosure resides. If it’s outside, you’ll need to go with a different type of metal compared to an enclosure that’s inside. Some of the specific considerations include exposure to water, corrosive materials, or direct UV rays.


For some businesses, the way sheet metal enclosures look doesn’t matter, whereas, for others, it does. During the prototyping phase, a fabrication company can help with both the material selection and design. Often, fabricators that make prototypes of custom sheet metal enclosures have an in-house design and engineering team. So, they can assist with changes if needed.

Enclosure’s Weight

You also need to remember that some metals are light and others heavy. So, if you need stationary enclosures, weight doesn’t matter. On the other hand, if you want several custom sheet metal enclosures manufactured that you can move from one location to another, then weight becomes a big deal.

Metals Recommended by Top Metal Enclosure Manufacturers

As mentioned, stainless steel is the preferred choice for custom sheet metal enclosures, but it’s also the most expensive. Another viable option is aluminum. Yes, it’s lightweight but also incredibly strong and long-lasting. There’s also cold-rolled steel, copper, and galvanized steel.

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