Importance of Automation in Front End Processes for Fiber Laser Cutting

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For many years, fabricators relied on CO2 systems. However, they now prefer a different method. Fiber laser cutting is an awesome technique. However, front-end software makes it even more beneficial to both fabricators and customers.

When it comes to laser cutting steel, the process begins with a number of steps. These include order entry, scheduling, inventory ordering, material planning, programming, engineering, and more. All of these serve a critical role in ensuring that fabricators maintain consistent and seamless operations.

Benefits of Automating Front-End Processes for Steel Laser Cutting

Without question, laser cutting in Ontario is now more sophisticated than ever. Fabrication companies recognize the need to streamline operations to ensure they consistently deliver premium parts and components to customers. One way they accomplish this is by automating front-end tasks.

A key to succeeding is the adoption of an order management system. When interfaced with an existing enterprise resource planning system, it streamlines the entire process. Companies that provide fiber laser cutting services can process parts automatically. That means there is automation from handling orders the minute they come in to sending out the finished product.

With demand for steel laser cutting on the rise, front-end automation has become critical. After taking a customer’s order, an effective order management system searches for the appropriate DXF part files. From there, the system automatically programs the parts according to the characteristics of the material.

On top of that, the system does even more. After identifying the correct part, it then schedules the right machine. That entails using the customer’s due date or the priority of the job. Either way, the system triggers all the necessary components to ensure that customers receive a superior product without delay.

Front-end automation used by companies that provide laser cutting in Ontario even distributes the parts order to different cutting plans. Those plans then go to the correct machines, which produce the product.

Automated Sheet Nesting and Material Selection

Another benefit of using automation for steel laser cutting is that it creates timely nests. This consists of optimizing material utilization as a way of reducing costs. Along with that, the system can decrease the processing time. This helps fabrication companies and their customers stay competitive and profitable.

Fiber laser cutting companies depend on a front-end automation system to get the material ready. Maintaining a consistent cycle time for unloading and loading raw materials is critical. This allows the machines to maintain a proper pace.

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