Introduction to the Process of Custom Metal Fabrication for Toronto Customers

Custom Metal Fabrication in Toronto

All kinds of industries rely on custom metal fabrication in Toronto. This process produces parts and components of unique sizes and shapes, which customers then use for various applications. While different stainless steel manufacturers provide many of the same services, the quality of the finished product varies. Therefore, if you want precision, it is imperative to choose the right metal fabrication shop.

Both the standard and custom fabrication process of metal entails unique processes. In other words, metal fabrication consists of more than just one process, each working together to produce high-quality parts and components. Following is a brief introduction as to what the various processes are and what they involve.

  • Design – For turning a piece of metal into a finished product, the fabricator needs a design. Depending on the company, you can either provide the design or work with an engineer who can take your idea, specifications, and concept to produce the exact part or component required.
  • CNC Machines – Most companies use CNC machines, which are known for producing precision metal products. For this, the design gets fed into a computer, and by using a state-of-the-art software program, the machine knows what to do. In response, the machine produces the product to 100 percent accuracy.
  • Joining – When needing more than one metal workpiece joined or fused, the right machine welds, brazes, rivets, and more.
  • Cutting – Cutting is another aspect of custom fabrication. Using a flat metal workpiece, an expert working at a top-rated metal fabrication shop feeds the workpiece into the machine, which then applies tremendous force. Depending on the required finished product, the operator uses the appropriate machine, which cuts via a laser beam, shearing tools, water, or conductive electricity.
  • Forming and Bending – A metal fabricator also provides forming and bending services, which results in V-bends, U-bends, and a host of custom solutions. As with cutting, the machine uses different methods, including folding, machining, and stamping.
  • Finishing – After fabricating a prototype or finishing a production run of multiple parts or components, the product gets a finish of a powder coating, paint, or custom treatment.

Hiring the Best Fabricator

Custom fabrication of metal involves many things, which is why choosing a trusted source is so important. At Weldflow Metal Products, we offer more than four decades of experience and unparalleled expertise. For more information or to get assistance with your project, visit us online or call today.

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